Two Choices this Time for AWOP News

In AWOP, we are looking at optimization for new technologies like membranes, dissolved air flotation, and proprietary sedimentation/filtration equipment.  Well, we are also exploring new technologies with AWOP News.  This fall edition of AWOP News is available in the traditional, newspaper-like, print-focused format and in this newer blog format.  The announcing email you received about this edition provided you with access to either version of the Fall AWOP News.  You are obviously reading the blog version now.  We encourage you to also look at the other version and consider the differences and which you like best.   In fact, you can download the PDF-version of AWOP News by clicking the link in the right sidebar.

The two versions have a lot in common.  The content is the same with both means of publication.  Both can be read on-line or printed out in a hard copy form for distribution or physical posting.  Both versions will be archived for later research by current readers and new staff.     However, there are some differences.  The traditional version is more familiar, especially as a printed document, and may be more appealing for that reason.  With the blog format, articles can be posted as they are written, providing more immediate access to information than a scheduled publication date for the traditional version.  The blog version also offers some more options for how readers are notified when new News articles are available; offering both email and RSS notifications.  Email notifications can be configured based on the individual user’s desired frequency – immediate notification, a daily summary of posts, or a weekly summary of posts. For those who prefer to receive notifications via RSS, subscriptions are available for blog posts [] and post comments [].  The blog format also allows for content searches to be performed on the entire collection of articles.  With the traditional printed format, there is no way to offer a content search for every article across every edition of AWOP News.  There are also a number of differences in how the edition is prepared, but what matters most is how it is perceived by the readers.

You can learn more about the different editions on ASDWA’s website at, which has been redesigned slightly to account for some new features the blog format offers –  you’ll notice the Table of Contents for this issue is a series of clickable links that go directly to the corresponding article online.

Please browse both versions of this AWOP News and provide your feedback.  Click the “Leave a Comment” link near the title of this post to share your thoughts, or comments can be directed to Anthony DeRosa of ASDWA at  AWOP News will also be a topic for regional planning meeting discussions.

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