AWOP News Survey Responses


 1. Overall very positive feedback   

 A. People read most of the AWOP News (55%). 

B.  AWOP News helps people feel connected to AWOP (44% Strongly Agree/38% Agree)

C.  The majority of people keep AWOP News as a resource (67%)

 2. What respondents are interested in: 9 respondents, when asked what they liked about AWOP News,   commented on an interest of actions in other State/Regions

 3. What respondents don’t like:  Most, 5 respondents had no negative comments on AWOP News. 

 4. Areas for improvement:

3 respondents had comments on more information regarding operator/utilities

2 respondents commented on a desire for more data comparison/progress

5. Information about respondents:

Most were state representatives participating in AWOP (57%) followed by state representative not participating in AWOP (22%)

 Survey Questions and Responses

 Question 1.  Which of the following statements is most accurate about your experience with the AWOP Newsletter?

Read all of it.   11.8% 4
Read most of it.   55.9% 19
Read some of it.   23.5% 8
Did not ready any of it.   8.8% 3

 Question 2.  Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with each statement.



Strongly Agree




Strongly Disagree



The newsletter helps me feel connected to the AWOP.

44.1% (15)

38.2% (13)

11.8% (4)

2.9% (1)

0.0% (0)

2.9% (1)


The newsletter is useful and valuable to me.

29.4% (10)

55.9% (19)

11.8% (4)

0.0% (0)

0.0% (0)

2.9% (1)


The newsletter is easy to read.

26.5% (9)

52.9% (18)

17.6% (6)

0.0% (0)

0.0% (0)

2.9% (1)


Regularly receiving the AWOP newsletter is important to me.

35.3% (12)

44.1% (15)

17.6% (6)

0.0% (0)

0.0% (0)

2.9% (1)


The newsletter effectively provides information relevant to my needs in AWOP

29.4% (10)

41.2% (14)

23.5% (8)

0.0% (0)

0.0% (0)

5.9% (2)


Overall, I am satisfied with the AWOP newsletter.

24.2% (8)

66.7% (22)

6.1% (2)

0.0% (0)

0.0% (0)

3.0% (1)



 Question 3.  Do you keep the newsletter as a resource?







 Question 4. Tell us what you like about the AWOP Newsletter.

 Interest in other States/Regions

-Keeping abreast of what is happening in the other Regions

-I like catching up on all the state programs.

-I’m interested in new ideas on projects happening in other states.

-State implementation is worthwhile case history.

-Various types of technical assistance being provided by states

-What other states/regions are doing

-Activities in other States/EPA Regions

-Love the technical updates and also seeing what the other states are doing.

-Reading about activities of each of the regional AWOP planning meetings.

-Articles giving state updates and technical articles

 Other Comments

-It is organized well for reading and provided up-to-date information.

-Case studies

-Current updates in the AWOP field and who the members are

-‘Did not know there was an AWOP newsletter.

-I like the new web-based approach!

-I like to hear about how AWOP is changing and AWOP success stories.

-Helps keep us focused on providing needed technical services.

-Very informative

-The Optimization State



-Lets me sit back a bit to see a larger picture.

-It is a simple newsletter without all the hype!

 Question 5.  Tell us what you do not like about the AWOP Newsletter.


-Don’t have anything I dislike.


-Nothing — it’s all good.

-Nothing I can think of


Length of Articles/Size of Newsletter

-Some of the articles are lengthy and I don’t feel like I always have the time to read them in depth.

-Overall pretty good – some articles are too lengthy

-Too large


-Seems to focus on EPA and state efforts without inclusion of other players; TA providers, trainers, equipment suppliers.

-I wish each article is kept together. (ie like reading an artilce on page 1 and then having to turn to page 5 to read the rest of the article)

-Did not know there was an AWOP newsletter. 

Question 6.  What should be done to improve the AWOP Newsletter?

Focus on operators

-Make more of a universal resource for operators

-I would like it to reveal more of what operators have learned through the AWOP processes

-more input from the utilities who participate

Comparison data/progress

-Incorporate some kind of progress meter (or status meter) on an annual basis, showing how many states, systems, people, etc. are positively affected by a particular aspect of AWOP (i.e., how many states have done DBP PBT, how many people

-If we can get some data that is comparable to see how the regions/states stack up to each other, that would be great.


-Shorter format project briefs – with contact info if I need more detail. I don’t get through all of the articles – I know they are good, but I don’t always have time to read the entire article.

-Incorporate more tips, tricks, and practical application elements

-Keeping teaching up skills to use!

-It would be helpful if the AWOP newsletter would include sources of funding for AWOP, sources for training for participants, and results of AWOP in each state.

-I’d say more stories, but it’s probably like pulling teeth to get them, so I won’t.

-More concentrated

-Did not know there was an AWOP newsletter

Question 7.  Please check the category that most accurately describes you:




US EPA Regional Representative Participating in AWOP  



US EPA Regional Representative not Participating in AWOP  



State Representative Participating in AWOP  



State Representative not Participating in AWOP  



Drinking Water System Operator