AWOP Planning Meeting Update – Region 10 October 2010

One of the key components of the area-wide optimization program (AWOP) is the routine planning meetings held between participating state program personnel, EPA, ASDWA, and the contractor, Process Applications, Inc.  These meetings are part of the strategic implementation process used to sustain the AWOP partnerships and activities (e.g., the network).  The meetings accomplish multiple objectives including:  sharing ideas, agreeing on direction and priorities, providing multi-state support and encouragement to improve program performance, sharing techni­cal and management information and approaches and overall sustaining the AWOP human infrastructure.

Region 10 AWOP Planning Meeting and Field Events:  Spokane, Washington – October 25 – 28, 2010

A Region 10 planning meeting and field training event was hosted by the Washington DOH treatment optimization team in October 2010 in Spokane, Washington.  Participants included AWOP partners from Alaska (by conference call), Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington, EPA Region 10, TSC, ASDWA (by conference call) and PAI.  The meeting included two field events – one conducted in Walla Walla, Washington at a slow sand filtration pilot project and a second conducted near Sandpoint, Idaho at a membrane treatment plant.  The first field event was included in the meeting agenda on the front-end travel day since Walla Walla was located on the travel route for several of the meeting participants.  The city and their engineering consultant provided a presentation and tour of their slow sand filter pilot plant that they are evaluating to meet the LT2 surface water treatment requirements.  The field event provided an opportunity to learn about design considerations for slow sand filter pilots, review performance data, and build the knowledge basis on optimization considerations for this process.  The second field event was conducted at a small water system that had experienced failed membrane modules.  The system operators and accountant provided a tour of the system and described the treatment and financial issues they have faced with their system.  This field event provided an opportunity for the Region 10 AWOP group to contrast a troubled membrane system with well-functioning systems that have been visited during past field events.  Planning meeting topics included developing a consensus approach for developing a region-wide turbidity performance graph and identifying the next steps in developing slow sand filtration optimization criteria.  The next meeting for the group will be a conference call supported by web hosting to be conducted on February 2 – 3, 2011.

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