AWOP Planning Meeting Update – Region 10 February 2011

One of the key components of the area-wide optimization program (AWOP) is the routine planning meetings held between participating state program personnel, EPA, ASDWA, and the contractor, Process Applications, Inc.  These meetings are part of the strategic implementation process used to sustain the AWOP partnerships and activities (e.g., the network).  The meetings accomplish multiple objectives including:  sharing ideas, agreeing on direction and priorities, providing multi-state support and encouragement to improve program performance, sharing techni­cal and management information and approaches and overall sustaining the AWOP human infrastructure.

Region 10 Planning Meeting – Remote event via Conference Call and iLinc Web Hosting:  February 2 – 3, 2011

The Region 10 AWOP group conducted a 2-day remote planning meeting in February using conference call and web hosting facilities.  Participants included representatives from Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Utah, EPA Region 10, ASDWA, TSC, and PAI.  State AWOP reports included an update by Alaska on common findings from their status component inspections and implications with other drinking water program activities, a discussion by Washington on the significant changeover in their agency management positions as well as planning for their third PBT series, feedback on Oregon’s efforts to develop their first state-wide turbidity performance graph, and discussion from Utah on strategies to gain internal support for their AWOP efforts including recognition by EPA Region 8.  An update was provided during the meeting from the Slow Sand Filtration Work Group on the identification of appropriate performance goals for this biological filtration process.  Priority topics discussed during the meeting included identifying internal support strategies for program managers, further defining the consensus approach for turbidity performance trending in the region, and developing membrane filtration CPE criteria.  A late spring AWOP meeting is scheduled for May 17 – 19, 2011 and will be hosted by Alaska in their Anchorage office.  A field event is planned on demonstration of Alaska’s Status Component Inspection protocol and application of this tool to other Region 10 AWOP activities.

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