AWOP Planning Meeting Update – Region 6 March 2011

One of the key components of the area-wide optimization program (AWOP) is the routine planning meetings held between participating state program personnel, EPA, ASDWA, and the contractor, Process Applications, Inc.  These meetings are part of the strategic implementation process used to sustain the AWOP partnerships and activities (e.g., the network).  The meetings accomplish multiple objectives including:  sharing ideas, agreeing on direction and priorities, providing multi-state support and encouragement to improve program performance, sharing techni­cal and management information and approaches and overall sustaining the AWOP human infrastructure. Region 6 AWOP Planning Meeting and Field Event:  Little Rock, Arkansas – March 1 – 3, 2011 The spring Region 6 AWOP meeting and field training event was held in Little Rock, Arkansas in early March.  Participants included AWOP partners from Arkansas, Iowa, Oklahoma (by conference call), Texas, EPA Region 6, TSC, and PAI.  The field training event was conducted in Malvern, Arkansas, a community located about 40 miles southwest of Little Rock.  The training event, coordinated and facilitated by AR staff, included an in-plant special study on determining the T10/T ratio for a clearwell used for disinfection credit.  The group was divided into four teams, and each team was responsible for measuring either a fluoride or sodium tracer over time and determining the resulting T10/T ratio.  The training exercise proved to be a valuable experience on the details required to set up a tracer study and provided practical information that the states could use in assessing disinfection capability in their plants.  The planning meeting included a presentation and workshop on the updated AWOP self-assessment.  The feedback provided by the participants focused primarily on the ability of the states to assess performance for multiple water quality goals and different numbers and types of water systems as well as how the revised self-assessment results would be interpreted by others.  The latter part of the meeting included discussion on priority topics including ‘optimizing’ the meeting time to include more time for discussion topics, addressing data integrity issues identified during plant inspections and CPEs, and approaches for conducting field staff training.  The next meeting and training event is planned for October 4 – 6, 2011 in Austin.  The field event will focus on turbidity data integrity and methods of reviewing on-site plant performance data (e.g., operational logs, SCADA downloads).

Region 6 AWOP Team 3 – Cindy Haynie (TX), Mac Faulkner (AR), Bill Davis (EPA R6), Don Fiegel (AR)

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