The Optimization State – Florida

Here are some news and views submitted by the AWOP states.  Please use this for your enlightenment, enrichment and maybe even your entertainment!  AND think about what your state wants to share for the next Optimization State.

The Florida AWOP team is pleased that the program is gearing up again after budget constraints resulted in a reduction in traveling and therefore a reduction in site visits and system evaluations.  In September, AWOP team member Greg Parker retired from FDEP after many active years in the program.  Greg’s position was filled by Jennifer Porter, P.E.  Jen joins FDEP from the private sector, where she spent 15 years specializing in water and wastewater treatment plant design, distribution system design, and utility planning.  Prior to that work, Jen graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Environmental Engineering.  In October 2010, Jen got her first experience with AWOP when she attended a multi-state AWOP Comprehensive Performance Evaluation (CPE) in North Carolina.  Jen plans to utilize the DBP-CPE techniques learned during that AWOP event in order to assist systems in Florida that are experiencing issues with DBPs.

With disinfection byproducts as the focus for this year in Florida AWOP, we have identified candidate systems for CPEs based on non-compliance with TTHM and HAA5 standards.  Our first CPE was conducted for the City of Cocoa in May.

Florida will be hosting the Region IV AWOP Planning Meeting in Tallahassee on November 29 and 30, 2011.  During that meeting, and with a few statewide CPEs under our belt, we hope to gain insight into maintaining a successful program from other Region IV AWOP teams.  Proposed meeting topics include the development of performance-limiting factors for DBP CPEs.

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