Region 6 AWOP Planning Meeting and Field Event: Austin, Texas – October 4 – 6, 2011

The fall Region 6 AWOP meeting and field training event was held in Austin, Texas in early October. Participants included AWOP partners from Arkansas, Iowa, Oklahoma (by conference call), Texas, EPA Region 6, TSC, and PAI. The field training event was conducted in Lakeway, Texas, a community located along Lake Travis just outside of Austin. The 1-day training event focused on the topic of turbidity data integrity. As part of the training event, the plant staff conducted a tour of their 7 MGD conventional treatment plant that primarily focused on their turbidity monitoring locations and equipment. Following the tour, three work groups were formed to focus on selected data integrity topics including: 1) turbidimeter maintenance and calibration, 2) impact of turbidimeter configuration on output, 3) tracing turbidity data from source to reporting, 4) reporting turbidity data from online turbidimeters, 5) retrieval of turbidity data from storage, and 6) turbidity data invalidation procedures. The participants were very enthusiastic about their field event experience, and states planned to use the workshop to support future training events for their internal staff and operators.  They also suggested that a similar field event on disinfection (CT) data integrity would be useful for the network.

The planning meeting included a presentation and workshop on the updated AWOP self-assessment and updates on state, region, and NOLT activities. The latter part of the meeting included discussion on priority topics such as maintaining state AWOPs, enhancing the remote meeting experience, and next steps for continuing to improve data integrity. The next meeting and training workshop is planned for January 31 – February 1, 2012 and will be a remote meeting using conference call and Internet file and video sharing software. The workshop will focus on identifying disinfection byproduct control strategies and be based on the Texas DBP PBT project.

Region 6 AWOP team adjusts turbidimeter data aquisition frequency [pictured from left: Noble Johnson (TX), Bob Arthur (AR), Mark Moeller (IA), Austin Lee (AR)]

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