Region 10 AWOP Planning Meeting and Field Event: Portland, Oregon – October 25 – 27, 2011

A Region 10 planning meeting and field training event was hosted by the Oregon Health Authority AWOP team in October 2011 in Portland. Participants included AWOP partners from Alaska (by conference call), Oregon, Utah, Washington, EPA Region 10, TSC, ASDWA (by conference call) and PAI. The meeting included a field event at the North Clackamas County Water Commission, a unique water utility in the Portland area that utilizes both slow sand filtration and membrane technology to meet their water production needs. The membrane treatment and optimization theme of the meeting was kicked off with a presentation by Sam Perry with WA DOH. Sam discussed a range of topics from membrane system approval in Washington to design, operation, and potential optimization considerations for membrane systems. During the one day field event the group toured both the slow sand and the membrane plants and collected detailed information on membrane design, operation, maintenance, and administration. EPA Region 10 provided additional support for the field event by connecting their new laser turbidimeter to one of the membrane cells and monitoring performance for a 2-day period. The overview presentation and field event provided additional information that the Region 10 AWOP group is using to develop optimization strategies for non-conventional treatment technologies.

The planning meeting included updates by the states, region, and NOLT and discussion on priority topics such as next steps for membrane optimization development, an update on the slow sand filtration performance goals, and AWOPs role in compliance assistance. The next meeting and training event for the group will be hosted by Washington DOH in Tumwater on March 20 – 22, 1012. A workshop is planned in conjunction with a turbidimeter vendor on instrument calibration, maintenance, operation, and data integrity issues.


Submerged membrane cell showing air wash lines and top of membrane modules

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