Auto-Flushing Program Interviews in Kentucky

Solar-Powered Automatic Flushing Device (Courtesy of Georgetown Municipal Water and Sewer Services)

On February 23, 2012, the Optimization Team, in partnership with the Kentucky Division of Water (KYDOW), conducted interviews with staff members from Georgetown Municipal Water and Sewer Services (GMWSS) to gain a better understanding of their implementation of distribution system optimization and their innovative auto-flushing program.  Over the past two decades, GMWSS has implemented an extensive flushing program that reduces water age to maintain water quality throughout their distribution system.  The flushing units are solar-powered and utilize a programmable valve that is adjusted monthly based on water quality measurements; which has proven to be a cost-effective, energy saving, low-maintenance approach to providing safe drinking water to their customers.  On an annual basis, only two percent of the total volume of water distributed by the system is flushed, which upper level managers and staff view as “the cost of doing business.”  The Optimization Team plans to share the auto-flusher design and information gained from these interviews with other State AWOPs so their water systems might benefit from this information. (Matthew Alexander & Alison Dugan US EPA, TSC) 

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