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AWOP Planning Meeting Update

Region 3 – March 2012 Meeting

By Bob A. Hegg

Region 3 Planning Meeting – Culpeper, Virginia – March 14 – 15, 2012

The Region 3 AWOP planning group consisting of participants from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, EPA Region 3, EPA TSC, Process Applications, Inc. and representatives from the state of North Carolina (Region 4) met in Culpeper, Virginia in March 2012.  The Region 3 AWOP is participating in a train the trainer implementation approach for developing a DBP PBT in their respective states.  Participants are attending the Region 3 planning meetings to receive training and then return to their own state to implement training for their staff and their selected utilities. The interest in the DBP PBT was again demonstrated by the fact that every state had multiple participants with a total of 20 state personnel in attendance.  The number of facilities participating in each state varies from one in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania; six in West Virginia, and seven plants in North Carolina.  The states have or will be presenting Session 2 (Special studies) to their utilities and they reported back on their progress at the Virginia meeting.  North Carolina reported on the positive impact of peer pressure of the PBT approach.  Maryland identified the value of making presentations on the PBT efforts in enhancing operator skills.

Train the Trainers Trainers – Hard at Work!

Session 3 was presented in the train the trainer format at the Culpeper plant.  This session covers the topic of jar testing to show the potential of increased TOC removal through enhanced coagulation.  UV254 was demonstrated as a potential surrogate for TOC.

Some of the Train the Trainers Trainees Use “Modern” Jar Test Equipment

During the planning meeting the states reported out on their AWOP activities for 2012.  The impact of AWOP was again demonstrated by the states through a series of graphs showing changes at utilities over multiple year periods.  Another discussion was the status of a Region 1 state (Connecticut) joining the Region 3 AWOP efforts.  Current feedback from Connecticut is that they are planning on attending the next Region 3 planning meeting in July.  A continuing topic of concern is the impact of bromide that is emerging in the Region 3 states.  This will likely remain a concern for the foreseeable future.  The next regularly scheduled meeting of this AWOP network group is scheduled for the week of July 16, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The meeting will focus on train the trainer efforts for Session 4 of the DBP PBT approach.

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