Region 3 AWOP Planning Meeting – July 2012

This is the Region 3 Team during a Workshop Entitled “Take me out to the ballgame”. Can you find the Region 3 workshop participants?

Region 3 Planning Meeting – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – July 24 – 25, 2012 by
Bob A. Hegg
The Region 3 AWOP planning group consisting of participants from Connecticut Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, EPA Region 3, EPA TSC, ASDWA, Process Applications, Inc. and representatives from the state of North Carolina (Region 4) met in the Region 3 offices in Philadelphia in July 2012. The Region 3 AWOP states are participating in a train the trainer implementation approach for developing a DBP PBT in their respective states. Participants attending the meetings are returning to their home state and implementing a DPB session for their staffs and for selected facilities. The interest in the DBP PBT was again demonstrated by the fact that every state had multiple participants with a total of 20 state personnel in attendance. The number of facilities participating in each state varies from one in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania; six in West Virginia, and seven plants in North Carolina. Most states have or will be presenting Session 3 (Advanced special studies) to their utilities. Several of the states were impressed with the ability of the UV 254 analysis to provide the operator with real time process control opportunities. The reports on these efforts have been effective for enhancing the transfer of approaches and findings between the Region 3 AWOP participants. North Carolina provided data from two of their utility participants for review and evaluation at the meeting. This same kind of review will be implemented by all of the states when they present session 4 to their participating utilities.
Connecticut (a EPA Region 1 State) attended the Region 3 meeting for the first time. There was enthusiastic discussion of how to assimilate CT into the AWOP network and Region 3. Support from the group was welcomed by CT. The Region 3 states were also very interested in the data integrity workshops and extended terminal subfluidization workshops (ETSW_ being conducted in the other Regions. They realize that time is not available to pursue these efforts at the current Region 3 meetings because of the focus on the DBP PBT train-the-trainer efforts.
The next regularly scheduled meeting of this AWOP network group is scheduled for the week of October 8, 2012 in Cacapon State Park in Northern, West Virginia. The meeting will focus on train the trainer efforts for Session 5 of the DBP PBT approach.

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