AWOP Planning Meeting Update – August 2012

AWOP Planning Meeting Update

Region 4 – August 2012 Meeting

By Bob A. Hegg

 Region 4 Planning Meeting – Lexington, Kentucky – August 14 – 15, 2012

Region 4 AWOP planning group consisting of Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Region 4, and EPA/PAI met in Lexington, Kentucky in August 2012.  An additional participant from Florida participated via teleconference.  A training session on “strategically establishing a distribution system flushing site” was conducted working with the Nicholasville water utility.  Field sampling of the distribution system was completed using the calculated flush time approach and hydrants samplers.  Potential low chlorine residual sampling sites were selected from a review of the Nicholasville DS maps.  The groups then went to the field and gathered samples.  Due to the short duration of the sampling the optimum flushing site was not expected to be identified.  The participants then went back to the class room and drafted a special study to implement a flushing location and to set up ongoing monitoring at that location.

One of the field teams

Another hard working field team

High ranking topics discussed at the planning meeting were the status of the Distribution CPE protocol, data integrity, membrane optimization, use of particle counter, SDWIS NEXT GEN and 2013 National Meeting.  The Region 4 states are very interested in the DS CPE and are looking at this as the technical topic for the 2013 meetings.

The next Region 4 planning meeting is scheduled to be held in Alabama and the technical topic to be addressed will be setting up an Extended Terminal Subfluidization Wash (ETSW) at a selected water treaIs Rick happy to be back in Region 4tment plant.  The training and planning meeting will be held on December 11 – 12, 2012.

Is Rick happy to be back in Region 4

Dale is how old?

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