Optimization Program ­­– Distribution System Performance Based Training in Alabama

The Optimization Team, in partnership with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) AWOP members, conducted Session 5 of a Performance Based Training (PBT) project focused on distribution system optimization of a parent system and five of their consecutive systems.  The consecutive system operators, who have historically been focused on water quantity (not quality) have become very aware of water quality in their respective systems, and embraced concepts such as calculated flush time (prior to sampling), tracking/trending water quality through the system to ultimately reduce water age and improve water quality, and the impact of tank operations on water quality.  During Session 5 the participants reported on special studies they conducted to assess the impact of water storage tanks on water quality and toured the water treatment plant to gain a better understanding and appreciation of water treatment – which ultimately impacts water quality entering their respective systems.  (Matthew Alexander & Alison Dugan, US EPA TSC)

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