Distribution System Performance Based Training in Alabama

On September 4, the US EPA Optimization Team, in partnership with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM), conducted Session 9 of a Performance Based Training (PBT) pilot project focused on distribution system optimization. The participating operators developed and presented case studies about some of their accomplishments during this PBT project. Examples included water quality enhancements through operational changes in the distribution system (i.e., tanks, optimizing automatic flushing) and reduced staff burden associated with maintaining water quality in the distribution system (i.e., fewer customer complaint, less time spent manually flushing the system). Participants also discussed possible approaches for documenting impacts of the project: stabilizing distribution system chlorine residual levels (either at a single site, or system wide); reducing disinfection by-products system-wide; and improving water quality in the system. The afternoon workshop focused on assessing the impact of rerouting water in the system to improve water quality. The final session is planned for December. (Matthew Alexander & Alison Dugan US EPA TSC).

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