Region 6 AWOP Training and Strategic Planning Meeting

The TSC Optimization Team, in partnership with Region 6 and ASDWA, conducted a technical training event and meeting on November 13-15, 2013 in Oklahoma City, OK. Participants included representatives from Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. The technical training included a workshop that provided participants an approach to identify and correct areas of high water age (e.g., low chlorine residual, high TTHMs) in a distribution system. During the planning meeting, states discussed utilizing Area-Wide Optimization Programs (AWOPs) to support State Capacity Development and Operator Certification programs and using AWOP tools for RTCR compliance. This was the first AWOP training and planning meeting that Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MODNR) and New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) were able to attend. MODNR is in the process of developing an AWOP in their state, while NMED is resurrecting their program after suspending all AWOP activities for the past few years. (Matthew Alexander, US EPA TSC)

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