Region 4 AWOP Strategic Planning Meeting

The TSC optimization team, in partnership with EPA Region 4, led a strategic planning meeting from March 11-13, 2014 in Tampa, FL. Participants included state drinking water program representatives from Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  This meeting provided Florida staff members with an opportunity to learn more about their peers’ programs as Florida revives their own program. States provided their annual AWOP reports, and many reported an increase in population served optimized water over the previous year.  Other discussion topics included approaches to disseminate AWOP concepts to small systems that are expected to have Stage 2 DBPR compliance concerns (possibly with the use of third-party technical assistance providers), next steps for Florida’s AWOP, and the use of AWOP-concepts to support RTCR implementation. Technical training focused on special studies that can be done to investigate turbidity data integrity issues at a water system (i.e., instrument calibration, data recording or reporting errors, etc.). All states plan to incorporate aspects of this training into their routine inspection activities.  (Alison Dugan, US EPA TSC)

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