Distribution System Optimization Training

On July 29 and 30th the Optimization Team, in partnership with the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health (BPH) Area Wide Optimization Team, provided distribution system optimization training to plant and distribution system operators from ten water systems. This training “module” is based on Performance Based Training (PBT) concepts and approach, with the intent of engaging more water systems (compared to a traditional PBT project) with limited facilitation (as opposed to PBT). The training focused on the importance of maintaining an adequate disinfectant residual and minimizing disinfection byproducts in the distribution system, as well as approaches for monitoring water quality (including site selection) and water quality data handling. The BPH provided hydrant samplers to all of the participating systems to help them accurately characterize water throughout their systems. Two members from the State of Virginia’s AWOP team also attended and are considering implementing this training with water systems in their state. A second module is planned for spring of 2015, focused on operational strategies to improve water quality once areas of poor water quality have been identified. (Alison Dugan & Tom Waters, US EPA TSC)