Aim High Campaign Finalist

On September 17th, members of the optimization team from TSC and Region 4 participated in a video teleconference with Administrator McCarthy to discuss the Public Health Protection and Water Efficiency through the Drinking Water Optimization Program. This project, along with four others, was selected as a finalist in the Aim High Campaign on Protecting Water: A Precious, Limited Resource. The optimization project highlighted Area Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) efforts within the Region 4 states and a tribal system to effectively implement an enhanced backwashing procedure (Extended Terminal Subfluidization Wash, or ETSW). ETSW can significantly improve finished water quality and often has a secondary benefit of water savings during filter backwash. One example cited was from the State of Alabama, where AWOP efforts resulted in an annual savings of 500 million gallons of water among 14 water treatment plants. The Administrator appreciated that this work has a direct impact on public health protection, in addition to the resulting water savings. (Alison Dugan & Rick Lieberman, US EPA TSC)

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