A Bench Scale Special Study on DBP Precursor Removal

On November 06, 2014, the Optimization Team conducted a second special study to evaluate bench-scale removal of DBP precursors at the Western Fleming Water District in Ewing, KY. During this study, jar test simulations of the drinking water clarification processes were conducted, comparing TOC removal under the plant’s operational conditions and under alternative plant settings. The outcome of this and other special studies will impact the implementation of DBP optimization training and technical assistance approaches. (Ouro Koumai & Alison Dugan, US EPA, TSC)

Disinfection Data Integrity Workshop Conducted in Association with the Region 3 AWOP meeting in August

A disinfection data integrity workshop was piloted as part of the August Region 3 Regional planning meeting in Petersburg, West Virginia at their surface water treatment plant.  The workshop was similar to workshops that have been piloted in the State of Iowa for State Regional field staff, and most recently for some plant operators.  A recent sanitary survey report, including a current treatment schematic and a plan view of the baffling in the clearwell storage tank were provided to the workshop participants prior to the site visit.  After introductions, the site visit proceeded with a  plant tour that emphasized the disinfection process and then the group was broken into 4 smaller groups to conduct special studies on the integrity of the disinfection data.  One group conducted studies to verify the online instrumentation used for disinfection monitoring, one group verified the disinfection segments as identified in the CT analysis performed by the state of West Virginia, one group independently performed a CT analysis to compare with the historical state analysis and one group studied the handling of the disinfection data and reporting.  The feedback from the State participants was positive, most said they would try to find a way to integrate aspects of this workshop into their optimization and drinking water oversight programs.

Region 10 AWOP Training and Strategic Planning Meeting

The TSC Optimization Team, in partnership with Region 10 and ASDWA, led a strategic implementation meeting and technical workshop from October 7-9, 2014 in Portland OR. State representatives from the drinking water programs in Alaska, Oregon, Utah and Washington reported on ongoing AWOP implementation efforts. Region 8, Colorado and North Dakota drinking water program staff members also attended the meeting and technical workshop to learn more about AWOP. The workshop was conducted at the City of Silverton, OR water treatment plant in cooperation with the plant staff and consulting engineer. The objective was to augment previous disinfection data integrity workshops by providing real world experience with tracer study techniques, the results of which are used in calculating CT values. The workshop was followed by discussions on technical and implementation topics which resulted in action items for effective optimization program implementation. Representatives of R8, CO and ND were very positive about the value of AWOP and will pursue discussions in their home offices about future participation. (Rick Lieberman, US EPA TSC).