Region 3 AWOP Strategic Planning Meeting

The US EPA, TSC optimization team, in partnership with Region 3 and ASDWA, held a strategic planning meeting and technical workshop on April 7-9, 2015 in Maryland. State drinking water program representatives from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia reported on their respective AWOP implementation efforts and presented positive water quality impacts. Four DWPD staff members also joined the AWOP participants in a distribution system optimization workshop conducted at the Bowie, MD water system. The title of the workshop was “Assessing Distribution System Water Quality and Potential Follow-Up Studies and Control Strategies.” State participants provided positive feedback on the outlined approach and especially on the use of free chlorine residual as a key indicator of water quality. (Rick Lieberman & Alison Dugan, US EPA, TSC )

Region 4 AWOP Strategic Planning Meeting

The TSC optimization team, in partnership with EPA Region 4, led a training exercise and strategic planning meeting from March 10-12, 2014 in Cullman, AL. Participants included state drinking water program representatives from Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The training focused on optimization approaches/tools for Stage 2 DBP Rule compliance assistance. It was supported by the Alabama AWOP team, who shared techniques for enhancing communication between parent and consecutive systems and encouraging combined responsibility for water quality. The training also featured a panel of operators from the Cullman water treatment plant and their consecutive systems, who discussed their perspectives about maintaining water quality in their systems. Meeting topics included: promoting the “combined distribution system” concept; tracking/prioritizing systems for DBP performance; expanding technical assistance provider resources; using optimization tools to support RTCR implementation; and marketing AWOP.  (Alison Dugan & Richard Lieberman US EPA, TSC)

Alabama Releases April “Drawing the Graph” Newsletter

Alabama’s optimization program has just released their latest newsletter – “Drawing the Graph”.  In this issue they report on the status of meeting their optimization goals in 2014, when 54% of the surface water plants met the goals.   Two interesting technical articles cover the need for good chlorine residual management all year long and storage tank water quality and mixing.  Please see the attached newsletter for all the details.

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Drawing the Graph – April 2015 Issue