Region 10 AWOP Remote Strategic Planning Meeting

On February 9-10, the Optimization Team, in partnership with ASDWA, held a strategic planning meeting (via teleconference) with EPA Region 10.  Representatives of drinking water programs from Oregon, Utah, and Washington reported on ongoing AWOP implementation efforts.  Drinking water program staff from Alaska and Idaho also reported on optimization activities and current challenges prohibiting full AWOP implementation.  Representatives from Colorado, Montana, and EPA Region 10 also participated.  Colorado reported on plans for the April 2016 Partnership for Safe Water Summit in Denver and Montana reported on plans to engage in additional AWOP training.  The meeting also included a presentation and data analyses from a pilot project to develop optimization strategies for contact adsorption clarifiers (CAC) technology.  Action items, including paths forward for distribution system and membrane optimization, were discussed.  (Tom Waters, US EPA, TSC).

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