Oregon HABs Workshop

On August 23rd, TSC participated in the Oregon Health Authority Permanent Cyanotoxin Regulation Workshop/Webinar. TSC presented information on the EPA drinking water method development process, technical details and overviews of EPA drinking water cyanotoxin methods, and explanations of the results of the discussed methods. Discussions also included how the EPA drinking water cyanotoxin methods were being applied to the UCMR 4 Program. The workshop was primarily attended by Oregon drinking water laboratories and public utilities in preparation for State regulatory decisions being made on cyanotoxins and HABs. (Will Adams, SRMD/ TSC)

EPA OW/ORD/Regions HABs Workgroup

On August 21st, TSC gave a presentation to the EPA OW/ORD/Regions HABs Workgroup. TSC provided a survey of the EPA drinking water cyanotoxin methods, including technical overviews of the various methods and a discussion on the meanings of Method 544 and Method 546 results. The workgroup consists of project managers, scientists, and engineers from OW, ORD, and the EPA Regions concerned with current HAB issues. (Will Adams, SRMD/ TSC)